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Scheduling and Fees


Initial Session/Intake

During the session I will gather information from you (and other family members if the client is a child/teen) in order to create a treatment plan that fits your needs.


The length of this session is 80 minutes. The fee is $250. 

Working from Home


Following Sessions

After the intake, we will decide on the date and time of your following sessions (which can change later as needed). We can meet weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your or your child's needs. 

If a child is in therapy, I will meet with the caregiver(s) during the first or last 10-15 minutes of the session to get updates and give you information. Caregiver meetings will be different for each client if the client is a teenager.

The length of each session is 50 minutes. The fee for each session is $180.

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