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As a parent, helping your child to be happy, well adjusted, and successful can be a difficult task to achieve. It may be challenging to find the best discipline method, figure out ways to stop your child's destructive behaviors, or develop a close relationship with your child. Regardless of your parenting concern, I am here to help you to reach your goal of creating a healthier family environment for yourself and your loved ones.

Disciplining Your Child

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding but also challenging roles in life. It is very common for parents not to know the best methods to discipline their children without getting in power struggles or instilling fear. Especially for children who show oppositional behaviors and have a strong need to "be in charge," parents need to learn how to be firm and consistent with their discipline methods without damaging their relationships with their children. 

Parent-Child Relationship Issues

It is not uncommon for parents to verbalize their concerns about not having a close and meaningful relationship with their children. Sometimes past traumatic experiences can get in the way of developing healthy relationships, or parents may not know how to "speak the same language" with their children, and in other cases getting in power struggles may be causing problems within the family. These issues can be resolved with some professional help.

Parent Self-Care

Parents often spend a lot of time learning about the best ways to take care of their children and provide them the environment for optimum emotional, physical, and cognitive development. However, many parents forget the analogy of "putting your own oxygen mask before assisting others." When parents neglect their own emotional and physical wellness, their children also suffer from consequences.

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